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We are creating Free resources, especially for SMEs on a journey with Office 365 and associated technologies.  No strings. No fees. Just stuff to help make your working life easier. Remember too to keep an eye on our blogs for useful hints and tips too.

Or: Download a resource, promise yourself you’ll use it, forget to look at it, and then get in touch for help. We are always happy to chat.

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Are you a Slave to Outlook?

What you Get

Subscribe to set yourself free.  A small but mighty eBook to help you stop wasting time in Outlook. From searching, attachments, email etiquette, quick parts and shortcuts. The material that we cover inside this eBook has helped clients save at least 15 minutes a day. All easy and all free.


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No hype Office 365 lunch and learn

What you learn

Whether you’re considering a transition to the cloud or have already made the move and are wondering if you’re making the most of the software, come along for a no-nonsense explanation of Microsoft 365 for Business.

Gone are the days where Microsoft 365 was predominantly the hosting solution of choice for larger businesses only. With smaller companies also relying on fast communication and easily accessible data to grow their business, the cloud is now a hot topic on their agendas too.

What is it? How do I get there? How much will it cost? What are the benefits? Come along to this ACC Business Booster session and have your questions answered.

Take it further

When you’re ready to move beyond the free stuff, explore our services or contact us to work with us on a plan for your SME business.