Affordable, smart visitor and staff sign in technology for organisations using Microsoft 365. Digitally sign in with mobile devices, without installing another app.

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Track and protect quickly.

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Peace of mind for you and everyone entering your workplace.

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Easy, fast set up, one payment and no monthly subscription.


Digitally record all employees and visitors entering your organisation and automatically notify relevant staff of their arrival. By scanning a QR code with their mobile device, users will provide their details in record time without the need for paperwork – reducing reception sign in time and maintaining social distancing.

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Adopt our new sign in technology and allow staff and visitors to register quickly without asking them to install another application on their phone or tablet. A bespoke QR code will redirect them to a short online form, therefore increasing customer experience and satisfaction.


Eliminate the need to touch pens, visitor books or digital kiosks – ensuring full hygiene.

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Take immediate actions when an employee or visitor is detected positive with COVID-19. Safeguard your community and help suppress coronavirus by providing the government and stakeholders with relevant information. Moreover, in the event of an emergency evacuation, guarantee everyone is safe by accessing a full list of who have entered and left your building.


Better manage and access staff and visitor data by centralising critical information within Microsoft 365, Microsoft AD Azure and/or SharePoint.  Quickly retrieve key details such as employees’ and visitors’ identity, journey details, the date/time of their arrival and departure.  Likewise, our sign in technology ensures your data is protected, secured, and complies with GDPR regulations. 

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Flexible working policies are the way forward, however, the challenge is to ensure clear visibility of who is working where, and when, especially across multiple offices.  Our sign in technology helps futureproof this new way of working.


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Easy, fast set up

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Fire evacuation list

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Shared reception space

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Instant email notification

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Pre-registration and screening of visitors

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Employee and contractor sign in

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Mobile sign in

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Instant email notification

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Pre-registration and screening of visitors

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Employee and contractor sign in

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Mobile sign in

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Instant email notification

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Pre-registration and screening of visitors