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Digital Workplace Products from Appetite

Eliminate spreadsheets and paper with our Digital Workplace Products

Using Excel or paper based solutions to manage your business process? Got a costly solution which was customised but no longer works? Have your spreadsheets reached their limit? Difficult to track changes, create approval workflow and attaching files and sending email notifications almost impossible?  Can your team work together across departments or sites? And what about the safety, main ability, auditability and compliance of your information? You need Digital Workplace Products and Solutions.
Appetite are helping companies’ collaborative in innovative ways and extending capabilities to support their employees by replacing spreadsheets and paper.  At a time when businesses need to execute quickly and manage cost, organizations are being slowed down by long implementation times, cost overruns.  What if there was a business process management tool which is extremely configurable and which can drive business forward and integrate with your other applications. Eliminate spreadsheets and paper in a matter of days and weeks not months and years.

Using SharePoint as a foundation, manual and paper-based processes and repetitive tasks can be replaced with highly configurable digital workflows, automated document generation, and real-time visibility and analytics of business processes.  Supporting LEAN methodologies with both real-time and historical reporting, allowing managers to drill into and understand bottlenecks in their processes. It can deal with multiple approval levels for high-governance actions but is also ideal for simpler processes too.