Information Technology

We improve your IT processes

IT departments are the lifeblood of an efficient organisation. It should empower employees to work more effectively, and not be a hindrance to going about their jobs. Our clients see increased efficiency by deployed automated IT processes such as help desk request logging, seamless creation of new user accounts, and tracking IT devices and assets. This saves your organisation time, money and resources.

Manage help desk requests

Speed and reliability are two key measures of the effective on your IT help desk. Often, there will be network issues or problems with software that employees rely on heavily. Automating help desk service requests allows users to take ownership rather being over-dependent on the IT department. Flowforma® helps our clients reorganize their customer support processes, speed up their response times and ensure that their customer gets the best possible solution.

We can help you to:

  • Organise knowledge resources to support quicker and more reliable responses
  • Efficiently capture key information from help desk requests and accurately relay it throughout the system, hence progressing the request
  • Ensure the right employees receive the requests and respond accordingly
  • Integrate with ITIL/IT service management systems to ensure IT policy compliance

Manage and track IT devices and assets

IT asset management ensures your organisation effectively manages the devices and assets that you have. An enabling system helps you know not just what the assets are, but also where they are, who is using them and when they might need to be replaced. This helps you to avoid unnecessary purchases. In addition, it allows you to control your entire asset inventory. Therefore, you can make decisions and solve every day IT challenges.

We can help you to:

  • Automatically assign licenses and hardware resources to the relevant users
  • Create reports and dashboards on current usage, location and ownership of assets and devices
  • Schedule workflows to track firmware/software updates, resource usage and warranty expirations


Enable new account creation

A quick and secure process for creating user accounts could reduce risk in your organisation and lessen the burden of laborious administrative workflows. Our clients to allow automated workflows that support digital approval for all requests for user access.

We can help you to:

  • Access mails, calendars, contact documents and more through a cloud solution
  • Keep a full audit trail of user account access
  • Gain instant oversight of all system health
  • Access all active directories via SharePoint®
  • Easily manage new and existing user accounts
  • Get updated with latest versions as part of your license agreement