Sales & Marketing

We improve your sales processes

Sales teams need several processes to manage the acquisition, sale and subsequent customer relationships. However, inefficient processes often keep sales teams bogged down with unnecessarily slow processes, thus preventing them from focusing on the customer. We can helps our clients to effectively manage their CRM systems and collaborate internally across all functions with customer touch points.

Manage customer relationships

The main goal of the sales team is identifying sales opportunities to grow a healthy sales pipeline. Insufficient and/or erroneous data could frustrate the team’s effort to share reliable information to facilitate this goal. Automated CRM workflows are a God-send for complex sales processes that require team collaboration and timely engagement with potential sales opportunities.

We can help you to:

  • Capture and review customer visit reports (CVRs)
  • Automate data entry, sales conversion and follow-up remainders in CRM applications
  • Re-engage with inactive customers using information captured from previous CVRs
  • Customise SharePoint online and Outlook to seamless integrate with your CRM system and other enterprise applications

Facilitate team collaboration

Implement internal workflows to allow your teams to collaborate on customer projects and sales opportunities. Rather than having several disjointed conversations on email, we can help our clients to integrate relevant discussions across SharePoint Online, Yammer and Outlook Groups.

We can help you to:

  • Distil to relevant information by categorising threads by topic, customer, product, service etc.
  • Collaborate seamlessly on ongoing tenders, RFI and RFP submissions
  • Successfully close sales opportunity with complete data and with the most relevant employees involved in the deal
  • Automate and synchronise sales tasks such as generating sales quotes, order forms, promotional discounts, sales proposals and invoices.

Manage marketing campaigns

Co-ordination is key when managing marketing initiatives from campaign Flowforma can handle  multiple reviews and approvals from stakeholders across sales and marketing. Marketing managers can avoid versioning issues and obtain necessary approvals through automated requests.

We can help you to:

  • Route marketing materials and documents based on metadata
  • Set reminders and escalations to expedite reviews and approvals
  • Manage all documents in a single location, allowing easy document versioning
  • Quickly keep tasks moving from each approver

Purchasing order processing

Purchase orders allow you to keep track of what you order. Automating the purchase order process gives you visibility of incoming stock and ensures that your team follows the right approval processes. We have helped our clients to reduce the risk of internal bad practices and gives clear visibility of cash flow.

We can help you to:

  • Capture budget requests using customised workflows that allow multi-level approvals based on budget authorisation level
  • Drive governance, capture historical audit trails for all purchase orders
  • Eradicate hurdles in your purchase order processes using the right data and analysis
  • Reduce commonly made mistakes in purchase order generation, approval and tracking

We work across many sectors from Energy to the ones featured below. All our solutions are flexible and can adapt to any industry.

Industry not listed? We are still able to help.  Get in touch to find out more.

Energy & Engineering

Regularly speaking with energy, construction and engineering companies, we understand that you can often lag behind other sectors when it comes to digitizing processes, with a heavy reliance on paper processes. We can help empower mobile users, self regulate and digitise process.


Pharmaceuticals are utilising FlowForma to build processes that can be fully certified and manage their pharmacovigilance process. From accurately and securely collecting, assessing and monitoring defects, FlowForma’s ability to log and time stamp data makes audits seamless and ensures compliance. Accelerating the formal innovation process from idea generation to product launch. Streamlining Artworks to collaborate with external design houses across the full life cycle of the product, from mock-ups to print ready files, post production amendments and change management.

FMCG & Manufacturing

Businesses within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG and Manufacturing sectors are utilising FlowForma to assist them in adding structure and formality to their approach to open innovation, allowing them to capture feedback and ideas from customers, suppliers and employees. The structure brought to this process from using FlowForma is enabling these organisations to innovate quicker and gain a competitive advantage. From incident management, managing audits and inspections, artworks and supporting supply chain. Information can be captured on the go.


A challenge in Healthcare is to embrace technology, adopt new technology and do more with less whilst still ensuring risks and responsibilities are managed efficiently. Using FlowForma many hospitals and care homes have empowered their departments.  Finance, HR, IT and Administration, have automated their own business processes, all while eliminating paper, driving process efficiency and maximizing their existing technology. From nurse/midwife validation, to simplifying HR process appraisals to rapidly meeting regulatory requirements while providing central management and ownership of the process.

Professional Services

Compliance is key. With the potential of huge risks, it is important to ensure your data and client’s data is well managed. Organizations have empowered process owners to rapidly deploy their processes online with instant reporting to manage that risk effectively. This has enabled legal, insurance and accountancy bodies to add structure and visibility to client engagement processes, efficient employee onboarding, efficiently manage contract creation and execution and acceleration of the innovation process with a full audit trail.

3rd Sector

Working closely with charities and Not-for-Profits, we realize the increased pressure on these bodies to embrace technology, comply with changing regulation and manage their reputation. We can help digitize business processes from incident reporting, to travel booking and complaints management.

Public Sector

The ability to be up-to-date, drive productivity and reduce administrations costs is key. We can help support those challenging goals by assisting with the digitisation of business process.