Technology to improve your business

You might have all the kit and all the software. You might even have great people on your team. But what you could do with is a fresh pair of eyes and an extra pair of hands. Someone knowledgeable to look at your business, your technology, and your processes to identify what your real objectives should be and to help you build a strategy to get there.

Technology is here to stay. Your clients and prospects are using it – and so are your competitors. For companies not embracing technology, the choice is to be left behind or to seize the opportunities it brings.

Because we have worked on many systems for all sorts of company, we can give examples and recommendations of what might work for you e.g. an intranet solution, document management solution or custom business process. Our goal is to improve staff engagement and improve efficiency.

We are flexible in the way that we work – whether you want us to sense-check your plans and offer advice, or need us to take over the whole process. Whatever your needs, our friendly team would be delighted to talk to you and help you create a measured strategy that delivers results.

I need a strategy to support my business

We’ve got years of experience in implementing winning strategies for organisations of different types and sizes, which puts us in a good position to work alongside you to understand and solve your issues. We will work with you to understand your company and your business goals. From there, we will assess the gap between where you are now and where you need to be, with clear and actionable steps. This might include:

  • Analysing yo​ur existing SharePoint system to ensure it’s configured & designed in the best way
  • Migrating an older version of SharePoi​nt to gain the benefits of SharePoint Online 2013/16
  • Creating new site templates, workflows or apps to meet business needs
  • Moving to Office 365 & SharePoint Online

I need to understand what other tools or processes could be adopted by my business

SharePoint gives you the opportunity to bring together many of your business tools into a single platform. By building tools & processes onto the SharePoint Platform, your users have a single tool to use to carry out their work – whether it be booking holidays and performance reviews, CAPEX or business critical processes such as QHSE incident reporting.  In doing so this enables you to reduce cost, create value and gain competitive advantage.

There are a number of ways to do this within SharePoint and add on tools. We can work with you to analyse and understand your requirements, and work out what the best solution will be for your business need and helps your employees to work smarter.

I need to ensure the tools are fully adopted by the business

Putting the technology into the context of people who will use it day in, day out, will help achieve the user engagement needed to drive adoption and return on investment. Our experience and recognition as one of leading UK providers makes us ideally placed to work alongside you to ensure maximum adoption for your new/updated solution and ensure all the capabilities of SharePoint you need are utilised.  You can benefit from our experience in solving similar problems for organizations.

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