Let Appetite help you effectively utilise Microsoft Office 365

The most powerful tools are the ones your users love to use

We can help your business utilise best-in-class technology to stay organised, increase productivity, and to reduce your technology costs.

In our experience migrating documents and team collaboration to the cloud (office 365) isn’t just getting your data into the platform and configuring services.  As a business you have access to an incredibly powerful toolbox that can enable more efficient business processes, knowledge sharing, team collaboration, compliance, organizational awareness. Office 365 also  offers a  lower over total cost of ownership for IT.

There are many services offered under the Office 365 platform and it can be difficult to know where to start. Appetite can guide you to achieve a successful migration. You choose our level of involvement, and we’ll help you deliver, at any stage of your project. Whether that’s a little advice and “hand-holding” for tech savvy individuals or helping you to work together with employees, partners and clients to share information, collaborate or work smarter. We will get you there.

Let's talk basics. What is Office 365?


Exchange Online provides email, shared calendars, storage space and the ability to use your own domain.


SharePoint Online provides a platform for intranet, portal and document management.


Skype for Business allows you to conduct meetings over the web with HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging.


OneDrive for Business offers 1TB library for storing, syncing, collaborating and sharing files.


Yammer and teams provides a single platform for internal and external social networks.


Office applications across desktop, mobile, tablet and web browsers enabling access anytime, anywhere.

My organisation is moving to Office 365

Office 365 is the ideal tool for enhancing collaboration and efficiency within your organisation whatever its size, and with the right guidance, strategy, design, implementation and support, Appetite can offer the technical support you need to help you achieve your business goals. We’ve seen it all and use best practice to ensure your success.

Business Value Workshop

Our workshop shows you how MS Office 365 can help your organisation achieve goals, increase user adoption, and optimise efficiency by automating business processes to meet specific needs and offer a deep understanding of the tools available.

Plan Your Migration & Adoption

We can help you to document or create company information and governance. determine the best security policies for your sites including login authentication, active directory structure and an adoption roadmap that moves at the speed your employees are comfortable with.

Proof of Concepts

An Office 365 proof of concept from Appetite is tested way of introducing the potential benefits of Office 365. Our team can assist by implementing customised features where required to meet specific needs.


What services do you offer for Office 365?

You have Office 365 or SharePoint online but best practice has been forgotten or not implemented.  Your information is everywhere and unstructured and you users aren’t engaging because they don’t know where to store things or how to use the tools correctly. Most times projects fail because the solution was too complex or not thought through correctly and we have been brought in to provide support.

You want to maximise the value of your existing investment by exploring the full range of available out of the box functionalities. Let us help you get back on track.

Office 365 Training & Support

Awareness – Keep employees informed about what is coming
Support – We will support you through the transition
Training – Sessions and resources that will empower employees to be more productive

With our assistance, feel confident that user’s machines are configured with the right tools and that users can get going quickly with confidence.

Document Migration

Data is the backbone of any business.  We will evaluate the data that currently resides in your existing solution, and help put in place structured consistent storage with world class search and discovery tools.

Mapped Drives & File Shares (Dropbox etc.) – Move  mapped drives and files shares to a mobile-friendly, web-based document share
SharePoint Sites – We can help you plan & implement your SharePoint document strategy in the cloud or hybrid deployment

Business Intelligence

Data comes from all manner of different sources – databases, business applications, spreadsheets, website – and covers sales and market information, production figures, Finance, HR & Quality. All of this can be pulled together and made available for analysis and reporting. So, whether you want to look at this year’s, or see how your staff are performing, we can put the data at your fingertips.

How can Office 365 empower my role?

Once your documents have been migration into Office 365 and employees have been trained you may want to consider utilising some of the other tools. For example,  we can help you to create innovative business portals using SharePoint or automate your business processes.  Office 365 is continually evolving and new tools are being added frequently.  To help you with an ongoing road map or customisation assistance, or if you simply need some day to day or ad-hoc support needs you we offer a flexible set of Managed Services that will fit any operational budget.

What else Can I Do?