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SharePoint Consultancy & Customisation Services

SharePoint expands what’s possible within your business. SharePoint Online offers significant savings in both hardware and software costs, and makes ongoing support much simpler.  SharePoint is a powerful platform for business, but not everything can be done out of the box. We can assist you in creating custom business applications that fit your unique needs, are simple and easy to use and more importantly won’t be impacted by any Office 365 updates.

Providing a flexible interactive environment that can quickly become the central hub of your company. It opens up an advantage to integrate many of your business tools into a single platform which allows information to be surfaced to each user based on their department and role, enabling them to have a single tool to carry out their work more efficiently. Creating uniformity across the business with the potential to cut out multiple applications and processes, keeping things as simple as possible. Maybe you’ve been thinking about a way to use SharePoint to streamline a business process. Even if  you don’t know where to start, or if you don’t have enough time or resource to do it in-house we can certainly help you. 

I need an Assessment of my Microsoft SharePoint environment

Understanding your Business Goals.

The best place to start is at the beginning. The first phase can be tricky.  In fact, if you have acquired Microsoft SharePoint as part of Office 365 subscription you might be wondering what is it and what can you do with it. As we have worked on many systems for different kinds of businesses we can provide examples and recommendations of what might work for you. Being able to see something that has been built before can be the quickest way to get your users to engage with the design process, and time spent in this planning phase helps reap rewards. SharePoint offers the ability to link data across other business systems so common records and databases can be integrated and searched from one single location.

We show you how to make your business work smarter using SharePoint the way it’s meant to be used.

SharePoint Business Value Workshops

We collaborate with you to develop an understanding of your business objectives and how you will use it on a daily basis. We show you how Microsoft SharePoint could be utilized to help you achieve your business goals, increase user adoption, and optimise efficiency by powerful document management or automating business processes.

Working closely with you, we can develop a proof of concept using existing processes to get buy-in from business stakeholders and to ensure you will achieve the level of engagement you need to drive results.


Our SharePoint assessment is a great opportunity to review and make improvements to align with current and future business needs. It is also an opportunity to clear out obsolete data. This could involve fixing havoc caused by elevated permissions, ensuring there is no risk to the business e.g. the wrong people having access, storing sensitive data in the wrong place or monitoring changes to policies or configurations.

The assessment also helps to ensure that the right resources are in place to prevent future loss of control.

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I need to know what Microsoft SharePoint services you offer?

Whether you need an intranet solution, document management solution or want to streamline business processes within your business to improve staff engagement, collaboration, operational efficiency, or product delivery we can help you do to this.

Microsoft SharePoint Intranets & Portals

Your Intranet is the front door of your digital workplace. However, with outdated information, inability to use the intranet on a mobile device, search that doesn’t perform correctly user experience and confidence in the system is poor. It doesn’t have to be this way. If your focus is to improve communications, collaboration or productivity, SharePoint can be your personalised central hub. By connecting the tools your employees use daily into a single digital platform, teams are empowered to work together, discuss projects, and communicate.

SharePoint Upgrade & Migrations/SharePoint Online

Moving to Microsoft SharePoint or upgrading from older versions needs to be considered carefully. There are a variety of needs to be considered: disruption to users, training, moving business processes, archiving of data and structuring of new. An upgrade is also a great opportunity to review your current systems, make some improvements and clear out redundant data. We can then either carry out the migration or oversee the process, giving you confidence that it is being overseen by experienced specialists.

We are experienced in moving on premise SharePoint onto SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Document Management

Without document management in place, it’s challenging for employees to store information consistently and the ability to search and work on documents becomes compromised and can bring risk. Populating SharePoint with accurate metadata tags and descriptions allows you to quickly search files and find their content more easily without placing any additional burden onto IT. We determine the best approach based on your specific needs, governance, security and regulatory requirements then, leverage out of the box SharePoint capabilities as much as possible helping you define a future strategy.

Custom Development

Our development experience helps you make the most of your investment in SharePoint. Many organizations still rely on inefficient paper-based or email communications for handling processes such as approvals, vacation requests, generating new sales opportunities and other inter-departmental processes. We help you prioritize your automation efforts so you are using your information as effectively as possible. By focusing on areas that high impact wins, with minimum costs and limited business disruption, we help you and your customers gain clarity, insight and value from your information.

Microsoft SharePoint Extranets

Share documents and information with people outside of your company knowing that the access is secure to only authorised parties.  This opens up the ability to collaborate with team members located in other locations.

Project Portals

With clear and dynamic dashboard reporting you can easily keep track of your projects’ RAG statuses, simplifying project management and review. Easy integration with Project online and reporting with BI tools allows for role based project visibility and lets you visualize data to gain insights across projects to make more informed decisions. Provisioning each time a new project workspace is needed with document storage and can be removed or archived upon project completion.

5 reasons your Microsoft SharePoint implementation failed

So you’ve invested time and money putting in place a SharePoint environment. Go live takes place then over the following weeks a number of things start to happen…Why your implementation in SharePoint failed.

One Drive vs SharePoint

It’s not unusual to question whether your content should be stored in Office 365 or SharePoint. It seems you can store your content almost anywhere, but rarely do you realise the impact of your decision.

I need to train my staff in Microsoft Sharepoint

We can pull together all the pieces including change management, productivity, adoption and training. Our accreditation as a leading Industry Learning Provider positions us ideally to work alongside you to understand and solve learning issues.

Microsoft SharePoint Training & Workshops

User adoption is critical for the success of any Microsoft SharePoint implementation. The hardest part is getting your users on board.  Our accredited trainers can help you to maximise your SharePoint environment. They will train your staff and develop training plans as part of your deployment schedule and strategy. The training will be tailored to meet your specific requirements, supporting your team with a choice of formats that suit their situation and learning style.