Virtual Support and Training

Over the years Appetite for Business has provided IT services to different businesses in the field of training, tech development and innovation. We pride ourselves on being different, for putting the needs of our clients before our own and constantly challenging ‘the norm’ to get results. Even in this challenging time, we still provide our outstanding service to clients all over the world. We put in the extra work to get the job done.

If you are thinking of putting training in place but think the logistics of it wouldn’t work due to employees working from home, think again. In the last 8 days, consistently we have held incredibly successful training webinars on an international level. Our trainers are versed in the art of training online, having had plenty of experience in the field of online engagement and training participation. Averaging 3 sessions a day, there are many topics and areas that can be delivered in a timely manner to the comfort of your own home. The training itself can be carried out over either Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Our virtual training regime is simple, and we like to ask the following questions and cover these topics before training starts to make sure participants gain as much value from the session as possible.

Whats Your Home Set-Up?

It helps us to know what technology you are working with at home and how you are receiving the training. Do you have one screen or two? How big is the monitor you are using? Do you have any backup technology in case the first does not work? Knowing these facts before we start gives the trainer a better idea of what they are working with. It helps them envision how you will receive the training, and enable tailoring according to your needs.

What Do You Want To Know?

The second thing that will be asked is what do you want to gain from the session? What key skills, values and knowledge do you need for you to become more efficient and effective in your job role? Letting our trainer know this will enable them to tailor the session better to your needs. Focusing on some tools more than others and allocate more time to go over the specific areas that you both want and need to focus on.

The Schedule

The training sessions are scheduled the same as if it were an in person session. Breaks are at the same time. To enhance the experience, control of the screens are shared to keep the session as interactive as possible between the trainer and the participant. Exercises are carried out by the participant, but the trainer is still there, in a virtual capacity able to step in and help if need be.

During the session, regular updates are provided on what is still to be covered, if the session is ahead of schedule and when you will be finishing. During and after the session there is the opportunity to ask questions and receive materials to take away with you. This gives you the tools you need to refresh in your own time as and when required.

This simple layout for training works incredibly well. It gives the participants the look and feel of a classroom set up from the comfort of your own home. Our trainers are friendly, welcoming and provide our outstanding service unique to your individual needs.

Take Time For You And Your Business Needs

Its true in times of stillness you find other opportunities to focus on.  Areas you can build on and grow, either for yourself or your business. We have a very unusual case of “downtime”. A time that can be used to take it back to basics for your business. This will ensure a solid foundation, slick internal processes and positive work ethic going forward. Take the time to up skill and do the things you have always wanted to. Just because we are in downtime, doesn’t mean we stop pushing to be the best we can be.

Let Appetite for Business provide our outstanding service to keep you pushing forward. If you want to find out more, get in touch with us today.