DC Thomson

Upping the social ante

DC Thomson is an established family enterprise that has origins in the entrepreneurship of William Thomson in the early 19th century when the firm’s main business was in shipping. Today they remain a family owned business of innovators and pioneers.

They have built their business on the foundations of integrity, respect, commitment and creativity. These company values underpin everything they do, reflecting their beliefs, attitudes and principles. Their employees are at the heart of their business and are empowered to make a real difference to what they do. They celebrate their skilled workforce and look for innovative, passionate individuals who have the energy and commitment to help them achieve their goals.

DC Thomson

The Solution

DC Thomson made significant updates to their already established but under-valued intranet. A general promotion of the existing intranet and advertising of the latest features was required. Together with demonstrating exactly what was possible to new and existing Content Managers this was a great opportunity to ensure the intranet was firmly put back in the hands of its workforce.

The Result

Truly Technical

Being able to do a task is one thing but knowing the benefits of why these tasks are carried out is another. The Content Manager’s user guide created for DC Thomson was as technical as it needed to be with extra focus placed on being more conversational – explaining not just the ‘hows’ but also the ‘whys’ and sharing real and true examples.

Sofa So Good!

One of the major updates to the intranet was the introduction of a social networking platform. This was reflected in the Content Manager’s workshops where the attendees were immediately immersed in a relaxed environment – sofas! This simple addition allowed creativity to flow and for the minds to be opened to the goals of the session. Online videos were created to mirror the workshop and were made available to everyone.

All About Them

Putting the intranet back in the hands of the workforce was achieved using small solutions that had a huge reach. Appetite could go directly to the source by producing two videos entitled ‘5 Reasons Why you need the Intranet’ and ‘The Social Intranet’. These adverts reached the entire workforce then and are still reaching the entire workforce now with intranet visitor numbers and page updates now showing an increase proving their impact and longevity.

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