Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services (ARPS)

Recalibrating Business Process.

Established in 2001, ARPS provide comprehensive and cost effective radiation protection services to a wide range of industrial and non-industrial companies. Although ARPS’ primary focus is the provision of radiation protection services to the Oil and Gas sector, they also provide radiation services to: the waste management industry, the healthcare sector including hospitals, vets and dentists, teaching / research faculties and local authorities.

The nature of the work carried out by ARPS and in particular the equipment they use must undergo regular review to ensure they comply with recognised industry standards and regulatory authorities.  Despite already having a process in place for managing the recalibration of their contamination meters and leak test equipment, ARPS soon identified that this process was very labour intensive and therefore open to human error.


The Solution

The solution…FlowForma!  Appetite set about not only recreating ARPS’ meter recalibration process within FlowForma, but further improving upon it. The FlowForma business rules, complimented by email and document generation capabilities, not only meant that ARPS could track and monitor when meters required recalibration, but would allow them to identify their exact location, whether with a client, supplier or being used internally. The cost and timesaving’s achieved as a result of introducing FlowForma has led ARPS to recreate and further improve and build upon other internal business processes.

The Result


What was a very manual exercise has now become a fully automated process that supports and compliments the work undertaken by ARPS.  FlowForma has become a trusted and reliable electronic resource that users can access anytime, anywhere, on almost any device.


The introduction of FlowForma has led ARPS to become a leader in their field of expertise.  No competitor, that ARPS are aware of, are using similar technologies to manage their meters and associated recalibration activities.


One of the success metrics for this project was to show improvement in compliance and the way with which the business is run.  Whilst this process continues to expand and develop as the company continues to grow, this change has been fundamental in ensuring that compliance remains at the forefront of ARPS thinking and the way with which they do business.

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