Delivering continuous personal & organisational productivity improvement in use of IT

Around the world there are still many diseases for which no effective treatments exist and many patients who do not have adequate access to the medicines they need. As a global pharmaceutical company addressing these unmet medical needs, Eisai is committed to making contributions to better healthcare for patients and their families around the world through its business activities.

Eisai had been delivering digital skills training to their employees and recognised the value in providing this training but were looking for a provider who could meet & respond proactively to the needs of their ever-changing business.

This is a vast organisation whose global employees all rely on excellent IT services. With a range of stakeholders to engage, and issues to address, they needed to mobilise and build an action plan quickly

Through IT change management techniques and identifying areas to exploit in how training was delivered we created modular training sessions that would engage the audience and deliver on the KPIs in place.

The Solution

Appetite for Business procured this delivery role with the aim of continuing the established level of service delivery while seeking out ways to improve it ensuring it was not only still meeting the company’s needs but surpassing them.

The main factors taken into consideration were duration, approach and training material.

The Result

Targeted Courses

Realising that time was a major component – day courses were con into shorter, more targeted 2 hour sessions focussing on ‘task specific’ features of each application.

One 2 One Opportunities

Providing ‘open questions’ on bookable time slots out with the scheduled courses allowed users to have their opportunity to ask more specific questions and for them to delve deeper into the topics and features of their choice.

Learn While You Work

When users were given the chance to work on and ask questions about their own documents while simultaneously receiving advice on best practices from the trainer showed them immediate results.

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