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This August, Appetite for Business has launched its new online learning platform aiming at turning business support professionals into Microsoft 365 experts. By accelerating and maximising the digital knowledge of its users, the Cube allows them to do more in less time and acquire critical skills.

In this interview, Heather Warner, founder of Enigmatic Business Solutions, explains how the Cube has been providing efficient Microsoft 365 training and supporting her business as well as her own professional development.

You can also watch our interview with Heather from here.

Heather, could you explain why you have decided to join the Cube?

Let me be honest with you – do I know the Microsoft packages inside out or have I ever made the most of the functionality available to me in Microsoft 365? Absolutely not!

I am an advocate of lifelong learning and it is extremely important to me to invest not only in my own development but also in the future of my business.

I had a 25-year career at C-Suite as an Executive Assistant supporting CEOs, Boards of Management and senior management teams, but have to admit that I never fully implemented the functionality of all the Microsoft products I had on offer to me.

I am now running my own Executive VA and consultancy business and the Cube has completely changed that! Even in a short period of time, I have already learned so many top tips that I am already saving time and finding new ways of streamlining my own business processes.  It has been amazing to learn some new functionality that I didn’t even know existed.  I am sure it has always been there, but I have only just discovered it.  My clients will definitely benefit from that too as I am sharing my top tips with them.

According to you, what makes the Cube different?

The Cube is a real community and a safe space to ask questions. We share tips and solve problems together and the network is very supportive. It is a fully searchable online learning platform and the videos are short, the explanations are clear and show me exactly what to do.

The content is kept-up-to-date regularly and new videos are being added all the time as things start to change.

There is also a great news section – highlighting any updates.

What have you enjoyed so far in the Cube?

I absolutely love the training videos are short. They can easily be fitted into my day at a time that suits me and in my busy schedule. I can also learn at my own pace. The Cube has a clear and well-defined structure, and it makes it really easy to find things.

Why would you recommend our online learning platform?

I love learning. I could learn all day. Interacting with the community has actually been a great feature so far.

The annual price of the Cube is less than a one-off training day or conference. But the benefits are of so much more value to me, as I can continue to keep up-to-date and learn throughout the year.

The monthly Q&A sessions are brilliant as we share the challenges we face and find solutions together.

Finally, it’s a great way to share tips and shortcuts too.

Thank you for your time Heather. We are delighted to learn how our new Microsoft 365 training solution has been supporting you. Are there any final thoughts you would like to share with us?

What more can I say?  It has been a great investment not only in me, but also in my business. I am looking forward to learning even more as I progress through the course.  Signing up to the Cube has been a great choice for me.

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