Maintaining a Positive Work Culture in a Time of Crisis

positive work culture in a time of crisis microsoft office 365There is no denying that we navigate through unprecedented waters just now, and there is a sense of upheaval and panic in amongst a variety of business sectors. However, there are ways that we can focus on the positives. By utilising the right tools for the right jobs and keeping focused on your goals, you can keep work ethic and positivity high within your business.

Take Control Of What You Can Control

Now isn’t the time to try and control everything around you. Doing this will just end up causing extra stress. There is no point trying to second guess, just go with the flow and focus on the facts and what is in front of you. By doing this, you will feel more in control of the outcomes and how these will benefit your business long term. Utilise communication and collaboration tools such as Teams to keep workflows going and colleagues communicating. Having a platform where you can control whats going on in the virtual workplace will bring better organisation to your working day. Helping you to keep on track of what needs done.

Lead From A Top Down Approach, But Be Human

Be transparent and lead from the top. Employees being able to see the CEO or Managing Director communicating with their staff and laying out a game plan for what happens next is key. It will help employees feel valued, in the know and ultimately reassure them about their position and their jobs. Create a video or distribute a newsletter to all employees through the SharePoint dashboard. Connecting with your workforce in this way will not only help boost staff morale but reassure them in their positions, their job roles and their security.

Find Happiness In The Every Day

Keeping morale up within your workforce is key at times of crisis. It will help keep work ethic and positivity high. We are all human and all have our own concerns outwith the working world. Have an upbeat tint to your communications and give recognition when required. Actions such as these will help boost morale and ultimately lead to a more positive workforce. A crisis such as the one we are currently living doesn’t have many positives per-say. But it has had the positive effect of bringing people together. It has given people the opportunity to think of the wider perspective and how their business could help people who need it. Shine a light on employees stepping up and doing extraordinary things, and see if your organisation could offer help and support to other people and sectors in need of a helping hand.

We Can Help

At Appetite for Business we are currently harnessing all the benefits Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams has to offer. As a business who works predominately through Microsoft 365, we have the training and capabilities to work from home through Teams as well as continue our scheduled training sessions through online webinars. If this is something you want to put in place for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We believe that all businesses should enjoy using their communication, collaboration and co-ordination management system. Harness the full capabilities of your workforce, no matter where you are working from.