Microsoft Teams New Features

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has now been available for over two years and has grown to over 19 million users per week. Microsoft recently announced some useful new features to Teams.

Prioritising Communications

Ensure that important messages get through;

  • Priority notifications alert recipients of time-sensitive messages, pinging a recipient every two minutes on their mobile and desktop until a response is received.
  • Read receipts in chat displays an icon to indicate when a message you sent has been read by the recipient.

Manage communications within teams

Announcements enable team members to highlight important news in a channel and are a good way to announce a new project, welcome a new colleague, or share details of a social event.

  • Channel cross posting allows you to post a single message in multiple channels at the same time.
  • Channel moderation allows moderators to manage what gets posted in a channel and whether a post accepts replies.

Make it easier for team members to manage their schedules and receive updates

  • The new time clock feature in the Teams Shifts module allows workers to clock in and out of their work shifts from their Teams mobile app. Managers have the option to geo-fence a location to ensure team members are at the designated worksite when clocking in or out.
  • Targeted communication allows team members to message everyone in a specific role at the same time by @mentioning the role name in a post. For example, you could send a message to all administrators in a large company building or all nurses in a ward.

IT administrators: Deploy the Teams client and manage policies for everyone in your organization

  • Policy packages in the Teams admin centre enable IT admins to apply a pre-defined set of policies across Teams functions, such as messaging and meetings, to employees based on the needs of their role.

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