Why You Should Go Digital – Part 2

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In this unique space where the world has slowed down, now is the time for you to progress your business, upskill your staff and go digital. Use this time to get your workplace digital ready for business to begin to open again in the coming months. As we begin to look into easing into a new normal, it is now more important than ever to make sure that your business is ready for the future.

Upskill and Conquer

You may feel at the moment that you do not have the time or resources. Especially if staff are currently furloughed. However, if your staff are furloughed, they are still in employment. They could use this downtime to upskill and attend virtual training courses from home. This can be implemented to get your staff up to speed with new technology or software that is being and will continue to be used once the workforce is back in the office. We understand its a strange time, but harness this unique downtime for opportunities to grow in other areas, and you will reap the rewards when the world begins to start back up again.

Train for the Future

Virtual training is a cost effective, timely way to train your staff no matter where they are working from. Virtual training is interactive, unique and tailored to the participants. Technology is now such a large part of our working lives and the new normal for communication. Ensure staff are trained, up to standard and know exactly how certain software works. This will benefit you both now and once you are back in the office. There is no time like the present to prepare for the months ahead.

Be Ready For The Future

We are at a key part in time for businesses to start looking forward to returning to work. Prepare for going back to the office and recognize the new normal. This will be key in the success of your business going forward. It will be a while yet before face to face meetings become regular again day to day. Meetings will continue to be held virtually to ensure the safety of all staff, even once back in the office. By ensuring all staff are up to date with the communication tools you are using now, it will result in a trained task force ready for the challenges ahead without the need to slow down and take valuable time once back in the office. Take your business digital and be ready for the future.

Go Digital With Appetite

At Appetite for Business we are currently harnessing all the benefits Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams has to offer. As a business who works predominately through Microsoft 365, we have the training and capabilities to work from home through Teams as well as continue our scheduled training sessions through online webinars. If this is something you want to put in place for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We believe that all businesses should enjoy using their digital workplace. Harness the full capabilities of your workforce, no matter where you are working from.