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Meet The Team

 Appetite are an award winning SME technology consultancy that has been working with clients to build digital platforms and provide training on Microsoft technology for over 17 years.

If you set up your technology correctly, it can add real value. That’s where we come in with our Microsoft Consultancy and Training..Our clients tell us we make things better for them by taking away the worry and helping them to make the technology work for their business.

How can Appetite help your business?

How do you maximise the value of your people, your information and your systems?

You need tools such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office to get the job done. Yet we all know the feeling of getting new technology and the frustration of not knowing how to use it or how to apply the tools to the best benefit of the business. Technology changes frequently and even the most intuitive user can struggle. 

Our founder, Sheryl Newman has a deep passion for technology and how it helps support people in business, which led to the launch of Appetite in 2016. With a team of talented strategists, developers, learning consultants and business analysts, we provide a highly informed customer experience for clients to help them run their businesses more effectively.

Our proven track record and extensive experience with products such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite enable us to provide you with expert knowledge on these and many other products. As an independent provider we offer our clients unbiased support that meets their specific requirements rather than rolling out generic solutions offered to multiple clients.

 We take tremendous pride in the recognition & awards we’ve received to date. I am not only proud of the services we provide but also the underlying teamwork that makes it possible.  We also believe in sharing what we have learned and regularly share in-depth posts for best practice, webinars and other supportive materials.

We love what we do and look to build long term partnerships built on trust, collaboration and quality.

Why We Do it

We are all familiar with traditional tech firms great at pushing solutions but that’s where the service ends. You want to feel supported, in control with access to expert advice and knowledge to deliver not only your immediate goals but also supporting you to create a roadmap for future growth. To add value where it matters most. The ability to have a regular proactive communication and build a relationship.

Appetite has been delivering people-focused technology solutions for over 17 years and, as technology has changed, our services have evolved to ensure our expertise and know-how continues to save our clients time, reduce waste, improve efficiency and boost productivity in the workplace. Our consultancy and training services include Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and ELearning.

Clients are at the heart of our process. We want to see things from your perspective, so we can provide systems, processes and training that meet your needs and solve your problems.  Maybe you need someone who understands what it takes to launch a new venture, someone who can support you, set you up for success and communicate the technology stuff in a simple and easy to understand way. Perhaps you need someone to challenge you to think differently, to reinvent the “way things are done”. Someone who will think beyond the technology – all the bells and whistles – and who wants to help you drive your business forward; everything you need is right here.


We want to make things easy for you. Here are some common questions people ask.

Our office is in Aberdeen.

Office 365/SharePoint’s ‘cloud’ technology and online conferencing means we work with clients anywhere globally.

We work across a wide range of businesses and non-profits including: Energy, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Finance, Professional Services to name a few. We are happy to help wherever we can.

Any size of organization however, most of our work is with start-up through to SME clients (up to 1,000 users) businesses and non-profits.

Unless it’s a simple training requirement, before we can  quote, lets have a Discovery Call. This helps us understand your business and get to grips with what you might need from us. We’ll explore and discuss your options, what training or support you need from us with your systems. This keeps things simple.

From time to time you might need on a project to project basis, some online consultancy and support. We can do these and more. If  we can, we’ll quote you a fixed fee for the work, otherwise we work on an hourly rate.  We  agree this with you before any work starts.

Personal service to us means being flexible in our processes; This means making sure our team are accessible to you.  We also want to  understand what your business, digital objectives and processes are. Technology can add value however, it isn’t just about technology. It’s about people. We leave no one behind and make sure  everyone  enjoys the benefits new ways of working can bring. It’s why many businesses chose to partner with us.

Our varied clients consider us a no-nonsense company with a solid reputation for listening and delivering on our promises. We don’t compromise on quality and the service we offer is only the best, no making do,  it’s five-star service all the way no matter the spend.

When looking at a supplier ask yourself not ‘How much can I save here?’ but ‘Have I got the right solution for my business?’

Book a 30 minute 100% free call with us. We'll find out all about your business and give you as much help, advice, ideas and support as we can.

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