Microsoft 365: The desktop and beyond

We are delighted to announce Appetite for Business will deliver, on Wednesday 2nd June, a free webinar aiming at helping businesses and users improve productivity through new features available in Microsoft 365.

Creating efficiencies with Microsoft 365

Over the past few years, digitalisation has become an imperative for an ever-increasing number of businesses.

With 73% of small business owners making the development of digital infrastructure a top priority in September 2020, digital solutions are becoming a key component of any business.

Adopting Microsoft 365 has been critical for organisations. By granting businesses with the greatest level of productivity from anywhere, the suite of applications has played a pivotal role in remote work and digitalisation strategies. And this has rang especially true since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, while employing constantly evolving products, users are often not aware of the tools boosting performance.

Updates and tools improving productivity

Keen to discover the new Microsoft 365 desktop features and unknown tools that will speed up your daily workflows?

Next month, Appetite for business will deliver its online event ‘Microsoft 365: The desktop and beyond’ on 2nd June at 2pm. The free webinar will show users how to make the most of new Microsoft 365 desktop updates, but also other tools improving productivity.

Hosted by our learning consultant, Steve McPherson, the session will focus on key solutions – like Microsoft Teams – that enable users to both work from home effectively and enhance performance. We will likewise introduce project management applications that have been supporting users in delivering complex projects on time.


Microsoft 365: The desktop and beyond webinar - graphic


Steve McPherson, our Microsoft 365 expert, commented:

“Implementing Microsoft 365 has been key for a lot of businesses that are developing their digital toolkit. More employees are employing Microsoft applications daily, and they need to strengthen their digital skills as Microsoft products are constantly evolving.

With CUBE, our online learning platform delivering on-demand Microsoft 365 training, we have witnessed a need for organisations and staff to keep up to date with evolving technologies. Training is critical to get the best from the solutions. We have decided to produce this webinar to show users they can do much more with Microsoft 365 and its new features. Users often don’t know game-changing tools are available. And these tools could save them a considerable amount of time.

Our webinar will also take a different format to the ones we have already run. Through a Choose Your Own Adventure theme, the audience will get the opportunity to decide which application they would like to cover using polls. This personalisation will ensure we are presenting the updates and tips that are most relevant to the audience and the challenges they are facing.”

Webinar details

In 1 hour, you will:

  • Discover new and unknown features of standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Teams, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word…
  • Learn how to deliver complex projects on time with the use of Planner and To Do.
  • Participate in our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ format where you get to decide which applications you would like to cover by using polls.


Steve McPherson
As a learning consultant at Appetite for Business, Steve helps people work in a better way through Microsoft 365. By creating and delivering training and adoption programmes, Steve has played an instrumental role in supporting businesses in fully adopting the digital workplace. With over 10 years of experience in Microsoft 365 training and productivity coaching, Steve is highly versed in all areas of the platform.

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