Solving 3 key health and safety challenges with Power Platform

It is no understatement to say health and safety managers are facing a myriad of challenges. From taking the right decisions, collecting information, to conducting effective inspections, professionals must find the solutions that will mitigate risks and save lives.

According to experts, the UK government has witnessed a decrease of 85% of fatal injuries in the workplace since 1974, which coincides with the development and adoption of new technologies.

And when it comes to Microsoft, the multinational technology corporation has also generated solutions that effectively support the sector. By providing a suite of business intelligence and app development tools, Power Platform has encouraged organisations implement solutions solving key HSE challenges.

How has the range of digital services been deployed to tackle them? Read on to discover the technologies that will help improve your health and safety practices.

Challenge 1: Take the right preventive actions with Power BI

Is there a way to gain a clearer picture of your health and safety performance? The answer is yes.

You can use Power BI dashboards to make the most of your data within your business. What’s different? No more data collected through paper-based reports and no more delays in decision-making to assess root cause or risk analysis. Instead, you now have the ability to continuously measure performance by visualising your HSE data in order to keep your workforce safe and healthy.

Having access to this wealth of insights from a single platform, on multiple device types (desktop, mobile or tablet), is a real game-changer for teams who are empowered to properly pinpoint HSE issues and trends – enabling them to proactively take the right actions that will minimise risks.


Visualising health and safety data with an interactive Power BI dashboard.

Challenge 2: Effectively collect and store data

Is there an easy way to collect and store my HSE data?

With Microsoft 365, tools such as Microsoft Forms can be used to collect the right information, custom applications can be created with Power Apps and automated workflows through Power Automate. These will allow you to digitalise and automate key health and safety activities such as accident reporting, checklists, and environment monitoring, to systematically collect the qualitative and vast quantity of data needed for robust analysis.

The benefits?

Enabling these solutions in your business, your employees will be able to complete their reports or tasks in both online and offline environments and through most digital devices. And by connecting the data to Power BI, the collected information will be automatically integrated within your dashboards, so that you always access up-to-date data.

HSE accident reporting with Power Apps

Reporting accidents and incidents on a desktop and mobile (Power Apps solution).

Challenge 3: Complex and incomplete inspections and audits

Can you simplify and automate your inspections and audits?

Absolutely. If your investigations are reliant on manual processes, mistakes are more likely to occur, which in turn will affect the quality of your data capture and analysis. Luckily, you can easily digitalise them through bespoke Power Apps applications that will encourage your business in removing document-heavy methods that will be replaced by automated and straightforward processes.

Through enabling these applications, HSE managers have experienced a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Streamline all elements of the examinations (including requirements, variables, steps, and checklists) within one system – empowering businesses in easily creating and adapting inspections and audits.
  • Ensure every single task is completed and accurate – reducing errors.
  • Add visual evidence as well as additional supportive documentation.
  • Access inspection reports in real-time through a compliant cloud-based platform.
Inspection app for HSE professionals - Image 1
Inspection app for HSE professionals - Image 2
Inspection app for HSE professional app - Image 3
Inspection app for HSE professionals - Image 4

Creating an inspection application with Power Apps.

Taking your health and safety performance to the next level

Power Platform offers a suite of powerful technologies supporting health and safety managers in developing bespoke solutions addressing some of their key challenges.

Wondering how you could implement these applications to take preventive actions, collect and store your data, and conduct effective inspections and audits? One of our Power Platform experts will be running a workshop on the 17th of May to show you how. Register here.

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