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Case Study: Air Control Group

Making Document Management Fit For the Future

When you are starting a business it’s good to have information you can rely on. So, how do you get  the most out of your information?  We help Air Control Energy turn their information into data they can access and act upon. Keeping their staff informed and compliant. It’s the small things that make a difference.

Air Control Energy, are a leading provider of inspections solutions for the Energy sector. ACE provide drone (UAV) and rope access (RA) solutions as a cost effective and compelling alternative to traditional visual inspection methods. To comply with ISO, Air Control Group wanted to create a platform to manage and centralise knowledge. Key objectives being to improve internal document management and service to customers.


The Pain Points

  • Documentation in various drives, machines and individuals heads
  • Demonstrating compliance for ISO
  • Fast growing business, difficult to manage critical data

The next steps

ACE Group continue to expand its use of SharePoint to automate processes and provide business solutions to meet the needs of the different areas of the business.

The Benefits

  • Access from anywhere
  • Ticks boxes on compliance for and audit
  • Clean layout with speed and improved performance
  • Access to share information with external clients & partners
  • An easy to navigate and search structure of documents, emails, resources, client and project information and contact information.
  • Surface of all critical data in one centralised platform.

The Challenge

There were a number of challenges. No clear visibility of information in addition to different sets of data and lots of duplication.  Key drivers included the need for intelligent document management; increased collaboration and a scalable platform in a company planning for rapid growth.  The ability to reduce operational cost going forward whilst fully utilisiing their Microsoft Office 365 licenses was also key.

The Solution

SharePoint Online within Office 365 provided the perfect platform with which to develop this document management system.  SharePoint Online not only meets the expectations associated with ISO compliance, but provided the users with a simple yet focused interactive experience.  Furthermore, being built within Office 365, meant that users could access this information when working remotely, especially useful given the nature of their work. Management of the documentation was central to the success of the project, and this is where the biggest change lay to achieve ROI.   By identifying a taxonomy that unified the global terms used across the business, a solution was built to manage content so it was categorized and easily findable for all employees.

We made the decision to adopt an agile approach. This was especially important given the need for flexibility and the ability to adapt to requests for changes/alterations. With a rapid deployment, the key to adoption was making the technology work for them and not try to force a change in behaviour to suit the technology.

Sub sites, document libraries coupled with taxonomy and custom content types, task lists, and calendars were incorporated into the build.  Versioning (both major and minor), permission groups, content approval, check in/out, were all utilised to great effect.  Furthermore, a custom search capability that allowed users to locate and refine documents and media files with relative ease was incorporated into the build.

Client sites coupled with document library templates and SharePoint workflows were created to provide a one stop shop for all things client related.  As new business is won, new project sites are created at the click of a button, therefore providing an efficient and consistent approach to project delivery.  Furthermore, the ability to share sub sites externally allows Air Control to invite clients into these client sites therefore providing a collaborative approach to project management.

Appetite made the decision to create dedicated, security trimmed personnel sub sites.  This  provides users with a personal area with which to store and access information such as; Flight Logs, CV’s and Certificates.  Reminders provide users and system administrators with regular updates of any certificates that are approaching expiration so that necessary action can be taken to ensure all Air Control employees remain compliant.

The introduction of other 365 technology such as Delve,  provides quick and easy access to personnel, their contact information, as well as specific information relating to their role and areas of expertise.

The Outcome

Increased Productivity

ACE can store files and documentation in one central location. Enhancing  search and streamlining navigation has allowed users to save time and effort. They are able to share project work both internally and with external customers therefore,  shortening the decision making cycle.

Secure Platform

The new document management system achieved its key objective. It has become a place where employees located primarily off site could come together to work and share knowledge. There is now one place to look for essential resources.  As a result there is also a  powerful search tool to help users gather the information they need. The team know they can trust the system and it is a reliable resource that users can access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Increased Uptake

Internally the team are now using the site as part of their everyday work. The new solution has been popular with customers. They now have a faster, more time efficient way of accessing project updates.


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Customer Feedback

Kieran Hope, MD, Air Control Group

Sheryl and the team are one of those rare service companies, who keep their promises, provide excellent and flexible services, are professional and really focused on what the customer needs rather than wants. Their continued ongoing support and knowledge of Office 365 and the options available to us for futureproofing our system provides real comfort that we are in good hands…”