How to Realise Business Growth Potential in Your SME

How to Realise Business Growth Potential in Your SME

We helped an amazing local business who had Office 365. They didn’t have time to work out how each of the tools available could help business growth.

Other companies offered document storage solutions and another provider  recommended Dropbox.  But they had everything they needed in that one 365 toolbox.

Purchased Office 365 but not sure what you’ve bought?

The loss of employees within the Energy sector put SMEs under pressure. Ensuring software and processes remain functional while there isn’t the time, resource or in-house skill available to look at potential improvements in the overall system is a difficult blow to absorb. They are also under severe pressure to manage cost, increase profit and look for quick fixes, often applying a sticking plaster solution without properly considering other options.

Don’t Use a Sticking Plaster Solution

Working closely with SME businesses, we see situations where companies face major staff changes.

They understand that having an effective team in place helps them boost profit margins. This is achieved  by improving operational efficiency through better use of IT systems, evaluating existing processes and systems and recommending improvements that makes them more profitable.  We also work with SMEs, who have whole departments operating in isolation.

Lack of direction and business growth is compounded if the wrong people are brought in to fill the gap or fill roles internally because an in-house solution is considered a cheaper way in the bid to reduce cost.

Many business owners wear many hats in business, trying to be CEO, IT Manager, Finance Manager etc. We were  invited into a company by a desperate Office Manager who wanted  IT training for their staff. The CEO had been performing this role in a bid to save costs. It was only when this service was outsourced did they realise how much time, effort and money they were saving as  expert knowledge and resources were accessed quicker.

It’s not just someone to keep the engine running, without much thought to what damage it might cause in the long term.  It’s about people having the right skillset or that extra something that makes a difference. After all, businesses will only survive by being highly efficient and effective in maximizing value. But what if you are losing time, time to work on your business instead of in your business, time for your family, time for yourself.

See the Wood for the Trees

We see it all. A lack of steer and lack of key knowledge. Individuals buy systems because they are familiar however,  are more complex and expensive than what is required. This approach leads to conflicts between employees and causes so much uncertainty that no one performs to their potential. Simply re-evaluating and maximising the use of one system or existing system can work better for them.

You see your business through a certain prism. Getting away from that viewpoint and addressing all the potential problems and impacts of any change can be difficult, if not impossible.  Especially when there is a day job to do too. This is where an interim solution can make a big difference; getting impartial advice and help from an independent person who can look at your business from a different angle.

A fresh pair of eyes sees things objectively; helps develop competency, capability and capacity or operational procedures that makes changes run smoothly. Working and involving existing employees also ensures a less painful transition. Your staff might just be overwhelmed by current work and need a little support to get through the current problems. Consultants help add value just when your business needs it by providing different strengths. This fills the gap rather than simply leaving you and your staff hoping for the best and treading water.

It might just be that your staff are overwhelmed by current work and all they need is a little help to get through the current problems. Consultants can  help just when your business needs it by providing different strengths that support staff. They can add value by reviewing and recommending enhanced business processes.

Encourage A Questioning Mentality To Achieve Business Growth

“The training session raised several questions about how we do things, that is a sign of good training. I’m always pleased when our trainees say they are going to check things or ask questions”.

So at the start we spoke about the company we worked with who wanted to realise the potential of  tools available to them. Tools they were already paying for.  By helping them to use the tools  effectively for business growth,  this ambitious SME has been able to move their business  forward.

If you run an SME business, think about what might help your staff and why. How can you achieve good business growth?  Maybe a good interim team with impartial advice might be the thing that can help drive your performance forward? It’s the same with consultancy. Find smaller organisations who yes may seem a little more expensive in the short-term but they genuinely want to add value. They take time to understand your business and consider different views to encourage a questioning mentality. More importantly, they won’t treat you as a commodity.

If we can help support you to drive your business forward, please get in touch.