Microsoft Office 365 vs G Suite: Comparisons

Microsoft Office 365 vs G Suite: Comparisons

What's the difference? What's the same? What's for me?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

We all make them every day in our personal life and in the workplace.

Personally, I’m about to sell my car and replace it so I know that I need to take time to consider all the options available to me and ensure I pick one that I will be confident in using, that suits my needs, making sure I stay within my budget and most importantly ensure it will be safe for everyone who uses it

Don’t worry I’m not trying to sell you my old car!

When making important decisions we need to look at the options available and weigh up the pros and cons of each

Choosing which product to use in the workplace when, not if,  switching to a cloud based package we need to consider the same options – suits the company’s needs, sticks to the budget and most importantly ensures the security of the company’s information.

Important decisions in our personal life should take TIME.

Important decisions in our workplaces should take TIME.

Maybe you are down to two choices of cloud based packages – Office 365 and G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Business)

With Office 365 migrations we’ve seen the good, we’ve seen the bad and we learn from these to make sure clients considering migrating know what the options available to them really mean to their business.

Every business situation is different and from our experience we now have a deep knowledge of best practices and how to plan and prepare which we are always happy to share. However, no one’s knowledge is exhaustive and there are always benefits to learning from other people’s experiences.

Here at Appetite for Business we pride ourselves in being Office 365 specialists and ensure our clients not only get exactly what they need but how they can utilise it to enhance their business.

We’ve grown up with Microsoft becoming experts in the field so it is our package of choice when it comes to cloud based business productivity packages.

We also understand that although it’s our recommendation, it isn’t always suitable for everyone and we would never advise a client to invest in something that isn’t right for their business.

So, we’ve done some extra research and identified 5 articles where others share their knowledge.

Of course, there are similarities in each but it’s always interesting hearing things from other viewpoints.

Office 365 vs G Suite (Google Apps) 2017 : An In Depth Comparison Review

Microsoft Office 365 vs G Suite: Comparisons

Chris Singleton from The Style Factory shares a very in depth article covering lots of questions we get asked by our clients from pricing to what could go wrong when making the decision.

One of the main arguments for me using Office 365 is the desktop applications and I think the viewpoint from Chris gives a great argument for why that shouldn’t deter you entirely from using G Suite.

Rivalry in the Skies: Office 365 vs G Suite (Google Apps)

Rivalry in the Skies: Office 365 vs G Suite (Google Apps)

Gabrielle Lafontaine from Sharegate gives great comparisons between the different level of packages within each service which are clear and easy to see at a glance.

She also mentions that one of the benefits of using Google for Email is the powerful search options which I would have to dispute as being an advantage over Outlook’s searching capabilities.

Office 365 vs G Suite: 7 Comparisons

Office 365 vs. G Suite: 7 Comparisons

The team at Live Tiles give a simple point by point based approach, the main topics discussed being Functions & Features, Packages & Prices, Security & Privacy, Availability & Usability and Expandability. It’s summed up by a great closing thought “Whichever service you decide to choose, G Suite or Office 365, someone will probably tell you you’re wrong”

Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps for Work

Reading lots of text about the comparisons is maybe not everyone’s preferred method of information gathering so why not hear it from a real person. Take a look at Christoph Magnussen’s alternative approach at sharing the information in these short videos.

Infographic: Office 365 for Business vs Google Apps For Work

Now, you’ve done a fair share of reading today and listened to a lot videos – let’s give your brain a break and get visual. The team at Adept Telecoms have produced a superb infographic which will help answer most of your questions!

Infographic: Office 365 for Business vs. Google Apps For Work.

I’m sure that’s given you a better insight into what to look out for when considering the move. Thanks to all the writers above for their insights.

It’s your decision – make sure you get it right first time!

Get in touch if we can help with anything else.