User Adoption and Microsoft Teams

In today’s culture, we work in a more collaborative, diverse and global working environment than we ever did before. But how do you still bring people from different teams and locations together? With Microsoft Teams. Teams is an essential part of taking your work space digital. Harness the benefits of seamless user adoption with Microsoft Teams and bring structure to your digital document system and communication, collaboration and co-ordination to your business.


“When technology reflects the diversity of everyone who uses it, there are no limits to what people can achieve.” – Microsoft

User Adoption is Key

User adoption is key for Microsoft Teams to work to the full affect within your workplace. Incorporating high user adoption means that employees will not just be working on Teams, they will understand the features and how to use them. As a result, this will bring greater efficiencies to your digital work space. By implementing high user adoption, your team will become more engaged with the software. This will result in increased staff motivation as well as saving time for the tasks that matter.

Utilizing Microsoft Teams to its full affect brings a host of benefits to you, your team and your business. By doing this, users can keep track of the work they are currently doing and can access it remotely if working out of office. Microsoft Teams gives you the flexibility to work on documents and files, even when you aren’t connected to wi-fi. Build personas, understand the vision of your business goals and take your work space digital with Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Making sure your team are engaged and understand how the system works is key. Security also plays a large role. For example, it is beneficial to make sure employees cannot access the Teams site from an unmanaged device. This will ensure the continued security of confidential or restricted information.

Microsoft Teams allows you to move away from the dependence of on premise-based servers, helping reduce risks in security. Moving away from premise-based servers fuels productivity by utilizing tools that aren’t endorsed by executive committees. Because of this, the difference Microsoft Teams can bring to the workplace is significant. For instance, with OneDrive you can schedule meetings that can be held anywhere, share demonstrations on tips and tricks and create a seamless on-boarding experience for new staff. With a whole suite of communication apps at your disposal, the benefits at all levels of management are endless. In other words, Microsoft Teams makes your life easier, doing the nitty gritty to let you get on with what’s important.

A Better Way

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