WHAT’S NEW? Working With 3D Objects In Microsoft PowerPoint

Your World In 3D

An Office 365 Update That Will Bring Your PowerPoint Presentations To Life

We all want things in 3D – it’s real. Cinemas, televisions, photos, games – 3D and virtual reality is becoming the norm.

Working with 3D objects might not be a new thing to some people. Many business roles which involve design have worked with 3D objects for years using specialist software that comes with an investment in both cost and time but it’s a necessity for the job.

For the average office based person – using 3D objects hasn’t been possible.

The type of software used and the knowledge of how to create 3D images will always be required but when it comes time for these industries to present one of their 3D models to audiences this may not have been so straight forward. Until now…

PowerPoint Goes 3D

This is a solution for everyone! If you are an Office365 subscriber and have the latest updates, now in PowerPoint 2016:

the standard Office user gets to work with 3D objects to enhance their presentation

3D image creators get to use PowerPoint to present their work

you can have fun (maybe it’s just me that thinks this)

How Do I Insert 3D Objects In PowerPoint?

To insert a 3D model, choose Insert > 3D Models, Select From a File and navigate to the 3D model you created or browse the Online Sources. Select it and click Open.

Insert a 3D image in PowerPoint

How Do I Use 3D Objects In PowerPoint?

Once the 3D object is on the slide when you click on it, the 3D Model Tools Format Tab will appear where there are numerous options.

Using 3D Images In PowerPoint


Click on the image and spin it by clicking and dragging the Spin handle.

Rotate 3D Images PowerPoint


Animating the 3D object is done by using the Morph Slide Transition

1.       Position and format the image on a slide

2.       Duplicate the slide by right clicking on the slide or using CTRL + D

3.       From the Transitions Tab select the Morph transition

Morph 3D Images PowerPoint

When the slideshow is run the 3D image will be animated according to the settings applied.

What 3D Files Can I Use in PowerPoint?

As well as having a growing library of available 3D images within PowerPoint you can also use your own file types:

3D Manufacturing Format: 3MF

Filmbox Format: FBX

Object Format: OBJ

Polygon Format: PLY

Stereolithography  Format: STL

Binary GL Transmission Format: GLB

Facebook Live

Appetite recently demonstrated this during a Facebook Live session which you can watch below.

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