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Effortless Efficiency

TauRx Pharmaceuticals exist to solve one of the World’s biggest challenges – beating Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases. Using world-class proprietary drug discovery platforms, TauRx aims to halt the progression of Alzheimer’s, frontotemporal dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases with innovative treatments and diagnostics.


The Solution

As a leader in their field of work, TauRx were looking for a document management system (Sponsor Oversight File (SOF)) that would complement what is a highly complex clinical trial. As TauRx were already making use of Office 365, Appetite were tasked with creating a document upload solution within SharePoint Online that would allow users to upload documents into a single document repository and have the system automatically route this to the relevant destination based on the trial, study, core policy (CP) and/or standard operating procedure (SOP).

“Technically as well as business related, Appetite were able to provide all of the skills required and more for this project. You had an almost immediate understanding of an operation that is surprisingly complex for outsiders and so have excelled at a project that was unfamiliar to you. Communications were swift and to the point. From all of us a big thank you for adding such value to our operation.”

The Result

Standardised Approach

A single point of upload meant that users could quickly and accurately upload global research programme documentation and supporting notes with the comfort of knowing that each document would be filled correctly.

Process Improvement

A standardised approach, accompanied by a custom training programme, allowed each TauRx employee to familiarise themselves with the system and put this new application into production extremely quickly without jeopardising their research programme.

Time Saving

The time taken to not only upload research information, but the ease and accuracy with which the latest version of each document can be found, allows the TauRx employees to know and trust that the information they have to hand is the correct and most recent of versions.

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